Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the monthly levy cover?
    1. The monthly levy includes - security; maintenance of the estate; maintenance of all internal services and administration of all Homeowners' Association affairs.
    2. The monthly levy excludes - the cost of water; electricity and the maintenance of the individual homes.
  2. What is the form of tenure?
    1. All property owners will own the properties as freehold title and, in the case of the apartment buildings, ownership will be in terms of the Sectional Titles Act.
  3. What is the Homeowners' Association?
    1. The Homeowners' Association will comprise all the homeowners who will elect a board of directors which will be made up of not less than 3 persons and not more than 7.
    2. The board of directors shall be responsible for the affairs of the Association and during the first 5-year period, the developer shall act as managing agent for and on behalf of the Homeowners' Association.
    3. No person may transfer their property without the consent of the Homeowners' Association, which consent may only be withheld if there are levies outstanding.
    4. During the development period, the developer is able to appoint the majority of the Board.
  4. What security will there be?
    1. Security will be one of the major features at "BEACON HILL". The entire estate will be enclosed inside an electrified security fence which will be monitored. Should the fence be interfered with, an alarm will sound in the guardhouse and the guard will contact a response unit via radio. The guards will man the gate 24 hours per day and will carry out patrols at irregular intervals. To ensure that the guards are actually patrolling and encountering any problems there will be a number of points which will have to be activated by the guards' electronic batons during each patrol.
  5. When will the estate be built and when will I receive transfer?
    The anticipated program for the development of "BEACON HILL" is as follows:
    1. Work on the services will commence during October or November of 2006.
    2. It is anticipated that the first phase will be completed by the March, 2007 and transfer of property should take place sometime during March and April 2007.
  6. How many properties are there at "BEACON HILL"?
    1. "BEACON HILL" will comprise 268 individual residential sites and 9 sites for simplex and duplex apartments. In addition to the residential units, there will be a commercial centre.
  7. Are servants allowed?
    1. Servants may be employed by individual owners, however, they must first be cleared and registered with the "BEACON HILL" Homeowners' Association.
    2. Servants may be accommodated subject to the accommodation being built on the employer's property and being of a standard acceptable to the Homeowners' Association.
    3. Only the employee may live on the property and special permission must be obtained from the Homeowners' Association.
  8. May I keep a pet?
    1. Most pets, except for cats and birds which are likely to cause a nuisance to neighbours, are allowed but must be controlled at all times and may only be kept with the consent of the Homeowners' Association.
    2. Should any pet cause a nuisance to other residents then permission to keep it at "BEACON HILL" will be withdrawn.
    3. Properties will need to be fenced and any animal leaving an owner's property must be on a leash and the owner must make use of a "pooper-scoop".
  9. Property Height Restrictions
    1. All houses in the village centre shall be limited to 2 storeys. All houses below the Werfwall shall be limited to a maximum of 1 storey with a loft floor (1 ½ storeys).