About Beacon Hill Country Estate

Why not elevate your lifestyle this year to a higher level of country living? Beacon Hill Country Estate is situated on a generous stretch of high ground, comprising of savannah grassland, boulder escarpments and neighbouring cane fields, all overlooking the City of Pietermaritzburg. This secure development provides open vistas and clean air, indigenous trees, buck and plant life.

The entrance to the Estate is strictly controlled with a 24-hour-monitored gatehouse and the electric-fenced perimeter ensures greater peace of mind. Amenities will eventually include a small shopping complex within the Estate for the Residents’ convenience.

A strict Homeowners’ Code ensures an agreeable and amenable atmosphere for all so that no building obstructs views or is obtrusive in design with an intention to enhance the natural characteristics of this area, creating generously proportioned sites with gardens and plans for landscaped communal areas.

This is an ideally suited setting to raising “free-range” children or for finding a community of like-minded homeowners whose priorities lie in finding a more natural locale out of town, but still conveniently close to schools, hospitals, shops, petrol stations, businesses, the N3 highway and city-life entertainments. (The new Brookside Mall is a mere 5 minutes away.)


Final Layout
Final Layout Beacon View
Offer to purchase - BeaconHill S&S May 2014 Current 3 year building
Contract of Sale - Beacon Whatever 10-10-2014 - current